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About us

We’re a passionate and motivated team that works daily to develop people’s abilities and to strengthen businesses. We do this, day after day, because we believe that a country can only become stronger through more resilient companies and more competent professionals.

On the ground, on a daily basis, we feel your difficulties. Therefore, we’re constantly looking for solutions so that you business can benefit from the best services at the lowest possible price. 

We love looking for new services and better solutions that respond to your needs. The customer is always our main motivation!

Thus, the Online Consulting Academy was born!
We’ve drastically reduced the prices of consulting services and increased the quality of the end product.

Why should you choose us?

Lower cost

Price 70% lower than traditional consultancy. There are no travel, meal or accommodation costs for consultants.


Our team is made up of specialized consultants, with extensive academic training, high technical knowledge and experience in the sector. Regardless of your activity, we have the right consultant for you.

Available anywhere

The Online Consulting Academy is available 24 days, 7 days a week. You can work when you want, wherever you want and on the device that suits you best.


If your company fails in the next external audit, we will refund your money.

Time reduction

Online consultancy requires less time than face-to-face consultancy. It is ideal for companies that want to implement the process more quickly and freely.


The Online Consulting Academy ncludes specific e-learning training for the development of your employees. The training provided in this context is certified.


There is no risk of becoming dependent on a consultancy service, as the process occurs at your own pace, availability and interest.


Because the doubts of some can be the doubts of others. In addition to your personal area, you will also have access to a common area for all users, where questions, difficulties, successes and anything you consider relevant to share with other professionals can be shared.