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ISO 9001 – Online Consulting

ISO 9001:2015 is the international standard for quality management systems, being the most frequently used ISO standard around the globe. More than 900,000 valid ISO 9001 certificates cover nearly 1.3 million sites worldwide.

ISO 9001 certification applies to an entire organization and all its business processes. The standard touches on every sector of a company and is appropriate for all operational environments. It focuses on:
– Management responsibility
– Resource management
– Products and services
– Measurement and improvement

ISO 9001 certified organizations have the advantage of a highly developed quality management system that meets customer and regulatory requirements.

Examples of industries that benefit from having ISO 9001 Certified Organizations

Any organization, regardless of its size and sector, can benefit from being and ISO certified company. Nevertheless, some industries may derive particular benefits from an ISO 9001 certification:


ISO 9001 certification in the construction management industry makes a lot of sense because the sector faces a wide range of customer, statutory and regulatory requirements that ISO compliance can help achieve. ISO certification allows these companies to significantly lower waste costs, recognize greater efficiencies and create safer workplaces.

IT Services

The IT services sector is constantly growing and changing with complex internal systems that can often benefit from streamlining. Companies pursue ISO 9001 certification in IT services so that they can create the standard operating procedures, comprehensive documentation and disaster recovery plans their businesses need to survive.


Hospitality companies operate under intense public scrutiny, with many operations visible to customers who can easily take their business elsewhere. ISO 9001-certified organizations in the hospitality industry have a way to improve performance and tangibly demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction.


Quality is of the utmost importance to the healthcare industry since it directly affects patient outcomes. ISO 9001 certification in the healthcare industry not only promotes quality improvements, but also helps healthcare organizations navigate increasingly rigorous regulatory requirements. ISO compliance gives healthcare groups the tools to document and standardize procedures, resulting in better treatment and more accurate risk assessments for patients and staff.

Community Services

Community service organizations operate across a variety of sectors for the public good. Groups seek ISO 9001 certification in community services to achieve a systematic management approach that helps them better provide for their target audiences. ISO certification also can help groups increase their budgets since funding authorities understand and appreciate the significance of compliance.


Accuracy, efficiency and consistency are all requirements for engineering work. ISO 9001 certification for engineering firms can help companies improve these characteristics and demonstrate the quality assurance that their customers demand.


7. Manufacturing Manufacturers must pull together a diverse group of operations to deliver quality products and services. The cost of a mistake can be extremely high. ISO 9001 certification can help manufacturing companies manage these risks, improve worker safety and reduce waste. ISO compliance is also a great marketing tool, signaling a commitment to quality that prospective customers want to see.

These are just a few of the ISO industries that can benefit from compliance with this all-encompassing quality standard.